But animated nature sweeter still, to soothe and satisfy the human ear.

William Cowper: The Task


Staff at Precision Hearing are always friendly and welcoming. Whether you are in for an appointment or just to stop by for a coffee you are always greeted with a smile. I find they are very helpful and have a good support system in selecting and counseling on hearing instruments. Both my wife and I purchased our hearing aids with full confidence we will be well taken care of.

–Frank Mayner

I would like at this time to express my experience at Precision Hearing. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced. They were kind and understanding and me feel completely relaxed and with all aspects that they performed. Their smiles and laughter were extremely comforting and appreciated. The professionalism and conduct in helping me to understand all the aspects of my new hearing aids was absolutely great. So I would like to thank you and your staff and I would definitely recommend your company and your staff to all my acquaintances and friends. So again I thank you kindly.

–Marcel Ricard

I was 45 years old when I got my first hearing aids, one for each ear. This was just last year and I have to say that it has truly changed my life for the better I knew I was hard-of-hearing for some time but I didn’t know that my hearing loss was as severe as the test proved and that I was probably born like that. And now, almost a year later, I can’t believe I survived without these wonderful little “aids”. Until you know different, you don’t really know what you missed. I am glad I found out now than when I get a lot older. I wear them every day, all day, and they rarely bother me. I have noticed a significant improvement in my social life, as I can partake in more conversations and actually “hear” what everyone said. My co-workers also appreciate this improvement. And, I can enjoy my grandchildren better and both watch & “hear” the activities they get involved in. Not only all of this, Nadine (I’m sure I could mention Kevin too, I just never seem to run into him) and the staff are always warm & welcoming and they go out of their way to make my appointment scheduling accommodating.

–Janice Godbout