Clinic Services

That is what all poets do, they talk to themselves out loud and the world overhears them. But it is horribly lonely not to hear someone else talk sometimes.

George Bernard Shaw

Clinic Services

Precision Hearing offers a wide selection of audiological services. Third (3rd) party providers such as Veteran Affairs Canada (DVA), Workers Compensation Board (WCB), Indian Affairs (NIHB), may cover most clients at no cost through one of these programs. If you are not covered by a third party provider and over the age of 65 and are a resident of Alberta then you will be covered for a minimum of $900.00 and a maximum of $2400.00.  These prices are subject to change due to the government policies and handled through a program called Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL).  If you qualify for this coverage of $2400.00 you can be fit binaurally (two hearing devices) at no cost to you. You can contact us with your Alberta Health Care number and we can check for your coverage.

Hearing Assessments

If you are concerned about your hearing call us today. We will provide you with an appointment for an evaluation of your hearing at your convenience.


Hearing Devices

Precision Hearing provides only the best in quality hearing devices. Our clinic has access to all major manufacturers.

Repair of Hearing Devices

Repairs of all makes of hearing devices can be done either in our office or at one of the Canadian labs.


All hearing devices require a battery as a power source. Precision Hearing provides only the highest quality of batteries to our clients.

Assistive Listening Devices

If you encounter specific situation in which you find hearing difficulties then an assistive listening devices (ALD) may be the answer. ALDS include such devices as amplified telephones, FM systems, Television infrared, pocket talkers, etc. Ask us to help find as suitable solution for your particular issue.

Hearing Protection

Custom hearing protection is available. Whether you require protection for loud music, or comfortable fitting earbuds to noise in heavy industries. We offer a solution.

Swim Plugs

If you have had surgically inserted tubes in the ear and are concerned about getting water in the ear. These are available in many colors as well, if lost in water it can be found easily.

Home Visits

If you are unable to make it into our office a home visit can be arranged. Please phone our office for more details.